Read research & development material for The Great Exhibition here. Check the discussions in the next tab to speak to the George Eliot Collection.

The Great Exhibition
Triangle will devise ensemble performances in Coventry City Centre and on the local transport network on 18th, 25th October and 1st November 2008 between the hours of 11 am and 5pm.The ensemble, "The George Eliot Collection", will promote the new exhibition spaces at The Herbert and encourage members of the public to visit. They will distribute calling cards with information about the new History Gallery and History Centre.

1. Performers should also understand the redevelopment of The Herbert and specifically the History Gallery (the content of its Middlemarch section on Victorian life) & the History Centre. If you can read Middlemarch that will help understand the local landscape and crowd.
1. Prepare a backstory (approx 250 words) combining George Eliot's biography (e.g. Rosemary Ashton), your actor biography (especially your unique selling point); and then upload it under discussions.
2. Learn to play the jig which can be found here - on a recorder or other wind instrument.

3. Prepare a 5 minute monologue based on your reading of a George Eliot short story or novel:

Fionn - Silas Marner
Sharon - Janet's Repentence
Steve - The unfortunate tale of Amos Barton
Rahil - Mr Gilfil's Love Story
Kathryn - Daniel Deronda

4. Be prepared to
(a) direct the other George's in a scene from your story.
(b) take on one of the characters in your story.
(c) learn country dancing (see the dance in Summer 1871)

5. Purchase a tea cup
Find a means to carry it and the wind instrument perfectly safely and attached to your body

Question to find an answer for (even if it is a lie)
How do we know each other ?
Performers are asked to research an aspect of George Eliot's biography or work that

Note these times do not include time for getting out of costume and hanging it at the end of each appearance. In the morning, dressing time will have to be limited so that we can practice music, dancing, choreography and hand signals

18th, 25th 9am-5pm: All
30th 31st 10am-4pm: Kathryn, Rahil, Sharon
1st 9am-5pm: All

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