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Article on Museum Performance
by Jennie Sutherland Clothier (2014) Authentic pretending: how theatrical is
museum theatre? in Museum Management and Curatorship (Online). London: Routledge

Notes from 21st November training day

Presentation by Carran Waterfield, Artistic Director, Triangle

Summary of key themes in Triangle's work in the area of biography and history.
(Images by G. Caulfield, & J Burton, featuring T.Challenger, K.Howe, M.Rogers, J.Foster & P.Allender with Triangle actors)

Group work

Fact & Fiction On collaborative interpretation, or how to engage with the visitor
Foot in Both Camps: notes from our discussion A discussion which tried to refocus the interpretation optic from grammatical places
that, is 1st/2nd /3rd person interpretation, to physical spaces (i.e between you and me)

Notes from 22nd November training day

Notes for Actors

Summer 2007 - Triangle Actor's Journals:

Butler's Journal
Scullery Maid's Journal
Architect's Journal

Other practitioners:

Kentwell Manor Suffolk site featuring 1st person large-scale events and living history
Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie Visual/Performance artists collaborating with Kentwell Curators

Colonial Williamsburg East Coast USA - Large commercial sites featuring 1st person living history
Plimoth Plantation

Skansen Sweden The first living history site in Europe (est. 1871)

Piet Zwart Institute Publishers of Experience Memory Re-enactment (2003)

References for immersive museum theatre at Charlecote

Basic victorian info
The National Trust

Mary Elizabeth Lucy, Mistress of Charlecote (Orion, 1983)
ed. Elsie Birch Donald
Trevor May The Victorian Domestic (Servant Shire Publications, 2003)
Clive Wainwright The Romantic Interior: The British Collector at Home, 1750-1850 (Paul Mellon Center BA, 1989)

Also worth looking at, if you are near a Warwickshire or a West Midlands library are

Alice Fairfax-Lucy Charlecote and the Lucys; the chronicle of an English family. (Oxford University Press, 1958).
Phillipa Pearce & Brian Fairfax-Lucy Children of Charlecote (Oxford University Press, 1968)

A.N. Wilson (2002) The Victorians
Sweet, M (2002) Inventing the Victorians

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