Date: Preparation 27th October & 3rd-4th November; Session 5th November 2014


Evaluation Report by Stephanie Collier

49 MA Nursing students (Mental Health Nursing, Adult Nursing, Children's Nursing)

Training Leaders:

Mr Whissell 00/1
Mrs Williams 00/2

7 Whissell & Williams Officers:

Miss D Williams - HDH/001 - (associate: Dora Hill)
Miss C Williams - HDH/002 - (associate:Chloe McLaughlin)
Miss K Williams - HDH/003 - (associate:Katie Potter)
Whissell - HDH/004 - (associate:Luke Yale)
Whissell - HDH/005 - (associate:Ashley Gadsby)
Miss D.F.Williams - HDH/007 - (associate:Danielle Jameson)
Miss L Williams - HDH/006 (associate: Lorna Jones)

Training Schedule: 27 October, with further preparation on 3-4 November
FAO Officers of the Regime

Message 22/10/

27th October SCHEDULE

1000 Assemble A103 in Hi De Hi camouflage uniform

(as close to requirements as possible__)

1005 Travel to Wardrobe (NAAFI) -

Talbot has booked a meeting for the regime with Agent Lytwyn

1020 Travel to AC221 Rendezvous with Freebird

1100 Travel to Allerton Campus

1115 Refreshment

1130 Recce and prepare exercises

1230 Return to HQ

1300 Finish