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Date: 17-20 September, 2012

The Media, Music & Performance Directorate in the University of Salford faces reorganisation. The Whissell & Williams regime decides to revive exhausted agents (staff) with an optimistic, 'Can Do' attitude to induction week. Officer in Training 'OIT/3' drops out and Agent Roland Metcalf is accused of his execution.


Training Leaders
Mr Whissell 00/1
Double Agent Woods (associate: Niki Woods)

Training Officers
Miss L Williams - (associate: Lindsey Chapman)

Officers in Training:
Miss R Williams - OIT/1 - (associate: Rachel Howe)
Whissell - OIT/2 - (associate: Alex Owens)
Whissell - OIT/3 - (associate: Stephen Fletcher)


Double Agent Woods