On this page you can see the content of the training session for Day 1, adapted for you to adapt to your needs. Help us improve this resource, and ask us questions about how to apply these ideas by joining the discussion thread above.

i) Preparatory Work:

We asked you to describe at least TWO items in the boxes on the form. You can select from:

1. A short written paragraph of text (e.g. text from a room information pack, or a biography, or backstory for a character, or a snippet of oral history, transcribed)
2. An image of a space (e.g. the laundry room or a photograph or drawing of it)
3. A job or task (e.g. one of the duties of the tea maid)
4. An object or an image of an object (e.g. an object from childhood)
5. Something to identify one of your skills, interests or hobbies (e.g. a hymn sheet to indicate your interest in singing, a pair of shoes for dancing, a pack of playing cards, a riding crop etc.)

Ask your participants to bring the same TWO items to the first session.

ii) Training Content

(to be developed for delivery to NT performers in the future - please send us your comments - let us know which exercises you think you could use yourselves)

(Morning) workshop plan

(Afternoon) workshop plan

iii) Powerpoint:

iv) Documentation

Coming soon:Day 1 Video of queue-busting gossip. (This link will be set as "Private" on 15th July.)