A new project in 2013, funded by the Social Enterprise Fund, UnLtd, exploring methods of creating interactive and oral history performance.
Funded by UnLtd, the Social Enterprise Fund, Dr Richard Talbot, Lecturer in Performance at the University of Salford is developing a series of creative experiments with Performing Arts and Media Performance students and participants from the Bridgend Centre, Bollington.
What does it mean to perform oral histories?
What can make-believe contribute to history making?
Can relaxation and play release memory?


Two events offered an opportunity to explore the art of conversation and experiment with ‘performance’ as a form of improvised story-telling with an association with history-making and memory. The events require no specialist knowledge, all are welcome, and guidance was provided in the first session. In the second session there was only guidance in-role and in the moment. There was an evaluation at the end.

Performance 2nd July:

Queen Vic's Tea Party (click to see photos here)
Click here to see the Video Here
Seminar 24th June:Reminiscence seminar with Anna-Lena Johnson (Sweden)
Workshop 17th June:Click here to see the Video
The aim of the workshop was to gather story and character ideas for the “miniature” performance on 2nd July. Beginning with a roundtable ‘talking shop’, we explored artefacts held in the informal archives of Bridgend Centre. As our conversations become animated, we move from the talking shop to the bric-a-brac shop.





Photography: Rachel Wilson
Video:Rachel Wilson/ Stephen Fletcher
Edit: Richard Talbot

Participant names available on request and only with their permission.

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