2 July reflections

"Great fun, v. interesting. Good to meet the students and join in a creative activity + performance - which ended in anarchy + the death of monarchy - great!"

"Not really my sort of thing but threw myself into it and ended up having quite a lot of fun"

"Brilliant fun and improvisation was very freeing - Liked the pack of cards idea and the change of fortune. It's amazing what a hat will do."

"The way the participants were willing to accept each others ideas, characters and plot changes was very interesting? I thoroughly enjoyed participating and performing with the other members of the group! I would be very interested in joining again."

"Great fun - good, well-judged leadership from team. Essential periodic guidance just to keep momentum. Interaction - gradually percolated through - Card trick - realigned groups & mixed people up, differing alliances. Thanks Richard"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this performance with the workshops, seminar and final invisible/character performance. I would love to get involved in the project again. I thought everyone did very well with improv, space and their roles if not slightly confused at points."

"A generally enjoyable experience. However not yet sure of what one achieved - time for gestation needed."

"I feel overall the day has been wonderful and I feel the use of a playing card to decide status is the fairest way to decide and creates the world in a random and unknown manner. It was interesting to see the different levels and statuses that people played and each persons interpretation of what status each card would drive them ... it was very enjoyable and I thought the idea of changing the statuses part way through was a clever idea. Also improvisation is a good idea as it means people don't have to worry about learning lines and a script. There isn't also really any right or wrong in improvisation so it frees up the worry of not doing the correct thing."